Smart Door


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Individualization & functional enhancement in automotive (40.000 individualized vehicles per day at VW)


Variety of variants with decreasing batch sizes


Differentiation and increased efficiency of the production by means of printing and laser technologies demonstrated on a car door: printed conductive paths simplifying and lightening the   wiring harness, embedding sensors and control elements

Results Smart Door

Production of the Future | Production Technologies for Functional Integration


■ Economic approach to individualization of mass production products  


Successful Functionalization of Metallic Components


■ Printing of robust and deformable insulation layers and conducting paths on aluminum which are functional after metal forming

■ Connection technology from printed pattern to standard connectors


Successful Functionalization of Thermoplastic Components


■ Printing of electrodes and piezo active layer for pressure sensitive button application + LED lighting

■ Digital production of vias / through-hole via laser

■ Digital manufactured plug compatible interface

■ Simulation of illumination for individualized button layouts


Hybrid Integration of Ultrasonic Transducers for Near Field Sensing


■ Application of piezo electronic discs onto aluminum sheets

■ Optimization of resonance frequency and sound pressure level by laser ablation of the metallic substrate

■ Maximum sound pressure level @ 38,9 kHz à suitable as ultrasonic proximity sensor



Printing on 3D Parts by Robotics


■ Robot supported printing technology for the production of conducting paths on 3D parts

■ Closed CAD-CAM chain for fast change of print layouts on 3D parts