Vision and Goals


Individualization of Mass-Produced Components in the very same Production Line


Following the markets’ trends ...

  • Decreasing lot sizes  but increasing product diversity
  • Further individualization of the product geometry beyond the software-based customization
  • Intelligent products with integrated collection, processing and communication of (big) data
  • Efficient utilization of highly innovative functional materials by printing

... the lead project pursues the vision to expand existing production lines with digital functionalization and customization technologies, allowing the manufacture of customized products in mass production environments. 





The goal of the project is the development of new technologies for a resource preserving, cost efficient individualization of mass products.

This will be based on digital material applying and removing processes and their integration into existing highly efficient mass production lines.

Hence, lot sizes down to one shall be realized by the integration of digital printing and laser technologies.

By that way, individulized mass products become reality.