Technologies and Competences


Printing Technologies        

  • Inkjet Printing (sheet fed and robot-assisted)      
  • Dispensing (sheet fed and robot-assisted)                                         
  • Aerosol-Jet printing (sheet fed)                          

Laser Technologies 

  • Ultra-short pulsed laser systems
  • Process-controlled laser systems
  • Highly-focussed laser systems


Printing of conductive tracks before and after the forming process on sheet metal parts and plastic components

  • Printing of stretchable insulation layers and stretchable conductor lines/cable harnesses
  • Packaging and interconnection technologies between printed layers and electronic components
  • Printing of refractive and redirecting optical components
  • Printing of lighting elements (e.g. control panel lighting in the car door)
  • Printed piezo-based operating elements on metal and plastic
  • Robot-supported print production of conductor paths on 3D components / free-form parts
  • Laser processes for surface deepening of printed layers, adhesives, lacquers and surface pre-treatment


Printing of conductive tracks on / in fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) and lightweight components

  • Printed passive deformation sensors for impact detection in FRP
  • Printed heating elements in FRP
  • Technologies for the integration of standard LEDs in FRP
  • Technologies for the integration and polarization of piezoelectric sensors in FRP


Technologies for manufacturing of transparent (optical) objects by inkjet printing

  • Technology for manufacturing of polymer-based, customized illumination optics by inkjet printing
  • Technology for transmission improvement of inkjet-printed polymer-based optical components
  • Technology for the integration of functionalities (reflection, scattering and absorption of light) in inkjet-printed polymer-based optical components
  • Integration of electronic components (LEDs) via hybrid assembly in inkjet-printed polymer-based optical components